About Me

Tetiana Ryzhankova

Hey there! I am Tanya Ryzhankova and I am an aspiring photographer trying to turn a hobby into something more. I moved to Canada from Ukraine when I was 17 years old. Ever since a child, I always loved photography. It was always my way of going into my own world, seeing things differently and appreciating everything that happens around me more.

I spend most of my time with friends and because they are all car enthusiasts, most of my photography is automotive. But I can never limit myself to just that. I love the art of photography and always find art in everything I see. Taking photos of people passing by, birds that hunt for fish, the struggle between two sparrows fighting over a piece of bread, the apple garden that I planted with my grandfather. There are endless possibilities that I capture and it brings me immense pleasure.

Photography has always been my hobby, not a job. I can’t name a whole list of corporations or organizations that I’ve worked with, but recently I was invited to One World Auto, a local body shop, to capture my vision of their work. I was ecstatic with the outcome and I look forward to working with more automotive companies in the future!