My first Ferrari

I can’t help but feel lucky to be a photographer. The opportunities I come across are amazing.

A week ago, I wrote a proposal to the owner of SF Auto Group asking to possibly work with him and shoot his collection of cars. Luckily he replied quickly and welcomed me with open arms. I was blown away when I entered the office. Multiple car simulators, huge plasma TVs, amazing lighting, just a really nice environment. A couple steps ahead was the main attraction. The Ferrari 488 Pista in the centre of the room. And right behind the Ferrari were 2 Porsche GT2RS’s. This was my first opportunity of working with such amazing supercars. Me saying “I was scared” is an understatement. I was overwhelmed at first, but as I started capturing my shots my nerves settled. It was an amazing experience for me to meet and talk to a person who has achieved so much at such a young age. I appreciated the opportunity greatly and can’t thank him enough for allowing me to take pictures of such beautiful cars.

I look forward to working with him again!


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