Road trip to Decew Falls

Summer is everyone’s favourite time. It’s the season that calls for long walks at night, cold coffees and road trips.

My boyfriend, our friends and I planned a short road trip to Decew Falls. The goal of the trip was to get out, explore, and enjoy the beautiful weather. Our first stop was 3 minutes from home at our local Starbucks. We got our smoothies and iced coffees and as we were leaving the plaza, we were startled by the sound of loud exhausts one after another. I was pleasantly surprised to see a small car rally out on a cruise. I took out my camera and started shooting. Right away I knew that this trip was going to be full of surprises.

On the way to the waterfall we stopped at a half way point near the city of Hamilton. The Devil’s Punchbowl. It was a cliff from which everything is visible for hundreds of meters. Standing up there and soaking it all in was an incredible feeling. Breathtaking. After enjoying the views and capturing some memories, we decided to leave. We came across a farmhouse that the owner turned into a small store. Inside there were a lot of old-fashioned things, from irons to photos from the 80s. We appreciated the efforts of the family running the store, bought some water to keep us hydrated, and headed back on the road.

Headed to our final destination, the road we chose to get to Decew Falls led through its small town. Around instead of fields were wineries and huge grape harvests. We saw old mills, grazing cattle and incredible spiral paths. The winding road that lead us to Decew Falls was an adventure in itself. We drove by so much nature and it was a very peaceful time.

We finally got to the waterfall itself. It was quite a task to simply get down to the actual falls. We had to work hard using roots and branches from trees, supporting ourselves down the mountain without any equipment. I was more shocked to realize that I put on slippers instead of sneakers. But we made into the bottom and it was worth it. Walking along the waterfall, watching people enjoy the living water and sitting on a stone with their legs down in the cold spring, this is what we went on this adventure for.


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